A Leading Fashion Retailer


Funky Buddha brand was founded in 2003 through the passion and intuition of Alexiou family from Europe – Greece.
What started off as a casual business trip for them, turned into an epic adventure through the highs and lows of the Far East. Seeking initially to research business opportunities, a delay at a local train station resulted in a major detour. They returned from it with crates and stories! The rising sun flag became the brand’s symbol and an inspiration for what has become a highly successful idea: to make great garments that suit every individual, reflect ones personality and  make you feel at ease.

The brand was launched during the summer of 2003 and its tees and cargo shorts became directly a hit, surpassing expectations and setting the standards for further expansion of the brand. In just a few years, with hard work and determination, and with the collection becoming richer and more complete the commercial success of the European fashion company took off. Funky Buddha has become – in a short period of time – an international fashion Retailer and the cult fashion brand for those who love to wear clothes inspired by values such as freedom, respect for the individual and respect for the environment.

Fifty Five GARAGE Dry Goods & Supplies is the signature-clothing brand for those who are fond of casualwear style

Rooted in the European culture and style, it embodies an innovative idea of menswear, enriched by a cosmopolitan attitude and looking at the fashion and life-style of the major international cities as a source of inspiration.

Ever eager for fresh ideas, the brand’s contemporary design turns to a new generation of male consumers, who are aware of their own style and live casual fashion as a way to express themselves, their image and their vision of the World.

The product design follows this “new man” through every moment of the day, giving him the chance to make his own stylistic choices, thanks to a true total look casual offer, a proper quality/price balance and an ever innovative suggestion.