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About us

About us

Founded in 2005, ALTEX S.A. is a prominent European fashion retailer renowned for its design and distribution of fashion products that exude a unique character, setting them apart from the rest. With a driving force fueled by passion, determination, and intuition, the company crafts garments that serve as “canvasses of expression,” empowering individuals to be true to themselves, feel confident, and stand out in any crowd.

The company’s portfolio comprises two distinctive brands: FUNKY BUDDHA (Retail & Wholesale), and Fifty-Five GARAGE (Wholesale). These brands offer dynamic, comfortable, and uplifting lifestyle clothing for both men and women. With a strong emphasis on quality and attention to detail, the garments reflect pure enthusiasm, freedom of expression, and a remarkable sense of style sought after by those who embrace authenticity, creativity, daringness, and confidence.

Each fashion collection serves as a manifestation of a vibrant way of life, catering to individuals who view fashion as a means of self-expression rather than merely following trends. This philosophy forms a cornerstone that inspires both the company and its customers alike.

Bold and influenced by music, arts, culture, intense emotions, and environmental consciousness, each fashion collection exudes a contemporary yet timeless look and feel. It becomes an integral part of a larger canvas, allowing for modern interactions and expressions. Every season, the company enriches the latest trends with innovative ideas, ensuring each design embodies a fresh and captivating appeal.

ALTEX S.A. continues to shape the fashion industry, offering individuals a platform to embrace their individuality, express themselves boldly, and embark on a journey of style that transcends mere clothing.