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About us

About us

ALTEX S.A., founded in 2003 by Yannis K. Alexiou and sons, is a family-owned European fashion retailer that designs, produces and distributes fashion products with a distinctive character.

Driven by passion, determination and intuition, the company creates clothes that are “canvasses of expression” and give consumers the ability to be themselves and feel good. Garments of the highest quality, comfortable and highly affordable, that match each person, expressing his or her personality.

The company’s portfolio consists of three brands: Funky Buddha, Garage Fifty Five & Second Skin which offer dynamic, comfortable, uplifting and expressive lifestyle clothes for men and women, paying extreme attention to quality and details reflecting sheer enthusiasm, freedom of expression and a unique differentiation in style that all those who feel authentic, creative, daring and confident are looking for!

Each fashion collection is an expression and a way of life for all of those who don’t just follow fashion but think of it as a means of expression. This is one of the cornerstones of the company’s philosophy, inspiring both the company and the consumers alike.

Each fashion collection is daring, influenced by music, arts & culture, intense feelings, travelling, love for the environment with a contemporary still classy look and feel, being part of a total “canvas” and a modern way of interaction and expression. Every season, the company designs clothes full of innovative ideas, by enriching the latest trends.