A Leading Fashion Retailer

The new flagship store of Funky Buddha opened on 04/05/2016 at Ermou Street 23-25, Athens. Funky Buddha, which already operates a network of eighteen retail outlets in Greece and Cyprus, has completed the investment of its flagship in downtown Athens on the country’s most commercial street.

The Ermou store operates on a 650 sq.m. on four floors. The brand has created a unique store design with a lot of anthropological elements and a concept that impresses the consumer and aims to create a unique shopping experience for the brand’s audience.

Along with Ermou, Glyfada and Kifissia, licenses have been granted for Kallithea, Pagrati and Kefalonia where the company’s new outlets will soon be operational, and seven other franchises have been signed for various areas in Greece.

At the same time, the company has entered into significant agreements for the development of a branch network in Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Romania, as well as Middle Eastern countries through the Master Franchise method.