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A spectacular spectacle was enjoyed by Iron Challenge by Funky Buddha spectators!

The Iron Challenge by Funky Buddha, the largest fighting sport event in Greece, offered a spectacle of international standards, combining high-level racing performances with entertaining events framed by a spectacular production that thrilled the crowd of spectators.

Powerful clashes between leading Greek and international athletes really took their breath away, spectacular knockouts had the chance to watch the Iron Challenge by Funky Buddha guests on Saturday at Galatsi Indoor Gym with great success.

The event was attended by 80 athletes from all over Greece and started with the new fighters in the Pre Games and Future Fighters sections, followed by the Super fights before the spectacular Main Games fights involving the best Greek athletes as and big names in international kick boxing, such as Warren Stevelmans, who had previously fought and lost to Iron Mike. The spectacle offered by the athletes paid off and the evening culminated with the appearance of Greek World Champion Michalis Zambidis that no one expected.

The surprise appearance of Michalis Zambidis, a year after completing his athletic journey, thrilled viewers who had the opportunity to see him return to the ring of Iron Challenge by Funky Buddha, with his famed entrance and under the sounds of ” Zeibekik of Evducia ¬Ľand before his appearance, 17 girls were holding the respective World Title bands. Viewers then enjoyed through a video wall, one of Michael Zambides’ best fights, which has been described by sports experts as not only the most spectacular battle in kick boxing history.It was a K-1 qualifying match in Korea where Iron Mike competed with Dutchman Chahid Oulad El Hadj and won him the extra round after an epic battle for strong nerves, with constant bumps and tweaks that plucked viewers. while the three expert world-renowned commentators who relayed the race were apologizing to our Champion.

Josephine sang the ultimate summer hit, with a total outfit by Funky Buddha in a spectacular show that rocked the audience. Choreographer Maria Lyrarakis and her dancers presented a dynamic street dance show while a group of drums created a beautiful stage atmosphere. The evening featured the charismatic Dimitris Ungarezos giving his own special note to the event. Crowds watched the Iron Challenge by Funky Buddha closely as well as many names like: Aris Spiliotopoulos, Pigi Devetzis, Giorgos Amanatidis, Galatsi Mayor Dimitris Markopoulos, Olympiadist George Stefanopoulos, Markos Seferlis, Nikolas Sakellari, Irene Serkis, Irini Merkis, Irini Merkis, Irini Merkis Rita Moraitakis, Giorgos Koundouris and many others.

The renaming sponsor of the event was Funky Buddha
Sponsors: Funky Buddha, fluo, technology sponsor
Supporters: Cyta Greece, Amstel Radler, Str8

The ring girls used fluo tablets during the races, and Kathy Heyndels took charge of their costumes.

We thank Seven Hellas, RDX’s official representative in Greece, actionmed – doctors in action, Planet Fitness & More, Ecotrophy and Zagori water.

The Iron Challenge by Funky Buddha was held with the support of ANT1 and will be broadcast on Tuesday 28 June at 22.15 exclusively by ANT1.

The Iron Challenge by Funky Buddha in June was supported by the following sponsors: Action 24, Rhythm 949, Sport 24 103.3 Radio, Espresso,,,,,,

You can find out more about Iron Challenge news from the official website and its official page at facebook

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